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History of Nickel Iron Batteries

 In 2005 we discovered Nickel-Iron (NiFe) batteries and bought a set to find out if they were as robust as they were claimed to be.

 Our attempts to damage the battery by significantly overcharging and deep discharging them, failed.

 We didn't understand why this environmentally friendly battery with unlimited life cycles was not available.

 So we decided to look into selling these batteries and started IRONCORE BATTERIES in 2007.

 Ironcore Batteries have actively worked hard to reduce the cost of our batteries with over a 45% price reduction since 2007.

 The owners of IRONCORE BATTERIES have a 100% electric house and use their Nickel Iron battery daily, their battery bank turned 12 years old in December 2021.

 We believe so much in our product, we only sell nickel iron batteries.



 In the late 1800's Swedish inventer Waldemar Jungner invented the Nickel Iron battery also know as Nickel-Alkaline battery with Thomas Edison further developing it in the early 1900's with it commonly being called "The Edison Battery".

 Thomas Edison and Henry Ford came together to conceive a low price electric car intending to go into business together. It is believed the oil cartels offered Ford incentives to put petrol motors in his car eliminating the developement and production of the electric car.

Thomas Edison's Nickel Iron batteries were used in S.R. Bailey's Electric Car in the first 1000 mile (1600kms) record breaking endurance distance trial in September 1910. The performance of this electric car and the batteries astonished many people considering they were runnning against petrol driven cars.

Thomas Edison started the Edison Storage Battery Company in the early 1900's and manufactured Nickel Iron batteries for mining, railways, forklifts, electric vehicles, switchgear tripping, marine (including submarine), aircraft and miliatry applications and supplied governments across the world with his Nickel Iron batteries.

The Australian Defence Forces commonly used Nickel Iron batteries from the mid 1940's to the mid 1970's. Most Australian Government owned utilities such as telecommunications and railways also used Nickel Iron Batteries as standard in their operations.

The Edison Storage Battery Company was bought by Exide in 1972 and shut down the production of NiFe batteries in 1975. Their reason was because these batteries did not wear out, they had no repeat business. Once you bought a NiFe battery, you had it for life.

The public generally did not know about NiFe Batteries because the price of these batteries were so expensive they were well out of the reach of the average person.

Exide shut down the manufacturing of these batteries, over time the knowledge was lost that a simple electrolyte change would rejunivate this rechargeable battery with Nickel Iron batteries being disposed of once they stopped holding charge.


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