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System Settings

This page provides Charge and Discharge information.

Below is a screen shot of our inverter's Input (charging) and Load (usage).

Remember Each Nickel Iron cell = 1.2 volts.

12 volt battery needs 10 cells (10 cells x 1.2 volts = 12volts when connected in series)
24 volt battery
needs 20 cells (20 cells x 1.2 volts = 24volts when connected in series)
48 volt battery
needs 40 cells (40 cells x 1.2 volts = 48volts when connected in series)

If you connect the cells in parallel you will increase the amp hrs.

Example: 10(ten) x 100ah x 1.2 cells connected in parallel = 1000ah at 1.2 volts

Our system is made up of 40  x 1000ah cells connected to a 3.8kw solar system and the electricity grid.

As each cell is 1.2 volts we are running a 48 volt system. The inverter is set to operate a 48volt system.

The inverter automatically disconnects from the grid (daily) at 5.00pm and reconnects at 5.00am.